Jiddo Press

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About us

Jiddo Press is a small publishing company founded in 2009. We specialize in educational books in Danish, English and Arabic.

If you are considering publishing an educational book containing Latin and Arabic characters, do not hesitate to contact us

Mhd. Sabah Fayed  has a BA in Law from Arab University of Beirut and a BA in Arabisc language and Islamic culture from the University of Aarhus. He wrote the first Arabic for Beginners in 1972 while he was teaching Arabic language at the University of Aarhus and Folkeuniversitetet because he could not find a suitable textbook for his students. He has had a long career in the Danish business and parallel with this has continued his interest for and studies in Arabic language and Islamic culture. In 2008 he published his Doctors’ Thesis ’Islam – Freedom or Determinism’ and continues to write books about religion and philosophy. However, he is the most proud of ‘Arabic for Beginners’ since this book was his first and marked the beginning of his authorship

Rima Overgaard Fayed (born 1971 in Denmark) is Mhd. Sabah Fayeds youngest daughter and has a Masters’ Degree in Human Geography from the University of Copenhagen. Since 1999 she has worked as a SAP consultant for various Danish and international companies. She made the layout for Mhd. Sabah Fayeds Doctors’ Thesis ’Islam – Freedom or Determinism’ and founded the publishing company Jiddo Press to publish the Arabic for Beginners-books. Additionally she has cooperated on the wording of the explanations in the books and made the layout and the covers. Rima Overgaard Fayed is a member of Worldwide Who’s Who and Top Female Executives,