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The new and long expected edition of Arabic for Beginners

It is 40 years since the first Danish Arabic for Beginners was published. Since then, the textbook has been printed in six editions. Now Mhd. Sabah Fayed, who also wrote the 1972‐edition, has created a new, long expected, updated edition of the book.

Arabic for Beginners is a textbook in modern classical Arabic, which is the official language in all 27 Arabicspeaking countries, is understood by all living in these countries, and at the same time it functions as ‘Latin’ for 1,25 Billion Muslims all over the world – and this is the reason that Arabic for Beginners is an essential textbook for learning Arabic. The Arabic language gives the opportunity for communication and exchange of trade, culture and tourism to the benefit of all. 

About the book:

Large font which is essential when reading all the details of the Arabic texts

Contains more than 3000 vocables and 38 lessons (many of which can be split into 2 or 3 smaller lessons)

250 pages when the index has been downloaded from this site

Can be used by beginners as well as advanced students (primarily nonArabic speaking adults. However, children may also use the book as it is written in a simple and easily understandable language)

Expatriates to Arabic speaking countries ranging from Diplomats to business people will have the perfect tool forlearning the 3000+ vocables along with a pronounciation guide

 • Arabic speaking people living abroad can utilize the book to refresh or remove doubts about spelling or

grammar in a few minutes

 • Arabic speaking people can use the book ’in reverse’ i.e. to learn Danish or English

 Title: Arabic for Beginners

Publisher: Jiddo Press

Author: Mhd. Sabah Fayed

ISBN: 97‐8792573810